Heatrae Sadia R Plus Cistern Type Water Heaters


Heatrae Sadia 94.040.010 R25 Plus White Cistern-Type Open Vented Water Heater With Water Temperature & Intelligent Fault Reporting Display 25Ltrs 3kW

Ideal for installation in environments where there is no existing hot water storage, the compact and cistern-less design of our R Plus vented point-of-use water heaters makes them easy to install. These new units have been developed for compliance with the ErP directive, whilst also providing improvements in performance.

The Heatrae Sadia R Plus is a vented cylinder that can supply multiple hot water outlets, making it the ideal solution for commercial applications. The range consists of four models, ranging from 25 to 120 litre capacity.

The R Plus units can be mounted securely to the wall, and are supplied complete with all the necessary safety and control devices needed to allow connection to the cold water supply. The R Plus also benefits from our intelligent Legionella Control System, providing additional protection against the risks of harmful water-borne bacteria. Sharing many of the benefits of our FBM Eco, R Plus is a more budget-friendly option but maintains automatic fault reporting but via a flashing LED and universal bracketing for retrofit installation.

£ 762.45 exc. VAT

£ 914.94 incl. VAT

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